Dear Friends,

      I want to thank you for your support as I've served the last two years in the Missouri House. Now that redistricting is complete, we've seen a great deal of change to what used to be the 116th district. The seat I am now running for includes the northern half of Benton County, all of Henry County and parts of Bates and Cass Counties. I am once again asking for your support as I run for this seat.

      We continue to face challenging times morally and fiscally as a nation. While the federal government continues its wreckless spending spree and watering down personal responsibility and liberty, Missouri has taken a different direction. I'm proud to report to you that the Legislature passed a balance budget with no tax increases.

      You know me as a fellow volunteer for pro-life, pro-gun candidates. Bob and I have been Second Amendment advocates for more than a decade. I believe that innocent human life is sacred and our first priority as Americans is to protect unborn children.

      I look forward to seeing you at events throughout the year and hearing about the issues that are affecting you. I believe much can be done in the State Capitol to protect our state sovereignty, attract jobs to Missouri, and stop Obamacare. I want to go back to Jefferson City to be your voice, and I hope that I have your vote and your support.

Wanda Brown

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