Protect Innocent Human Life

Wanda will fight to protect the unborn by passing legislation that reduces the number of abortions performed in Missouri, increasing access to adoptive services and education about life-saving alternatives. Defending the sanctity of human life is a top priority for Wanda.

Defend our 2nd Amendment Rights

Wanda believes the 2nd Amendment is the FIRST amendment. She has spent the last decade fighting the anti-gun lobby to help pass concealed carry access in Missouri, Castle Doctrine and protecting shooting sports.

Attract Jobs to our State

Government doesn't create good jobs - but Wanda believes government can get out of the way and allow small business owners to practice their trade and provide secure jobs to our communities.

Lower Taxes and Streamline Government

Missouri citizens know best how to spend their hard earned dollars. Especially in times like these, Missouri families can't afford to pay higher taxes. Government needs to become smaller and more efficient. Wanda will keep a watchful eye on government spending and keep big city liberals from reaching into our pocketbooks.

Put our Children's Education First

America is a great nation with much opportunity. Wanda wants to make sure our next generation is well-equipped to keep our country and our state moving in the right direction. Providing children with a first-class education is the first step in doing that.

Freedom in Health Care

The federal government has begun its invasion into our private healthcare choices. Our state government now needs to find a way to assert its sovereignty on this issue of life and death. Wanda will be a vocal advocate against socialized healthcare in our state.

Deter Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is a growing problem that has now affected every level of society. From a burden on our healthcare system to public safety. The solution to illegal immigration starts with prevention. Making sure our state is not a haven for illegal immigrants is a top priority for Wanda.

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